Thumbs up or down?


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I think highest one is the best because it tells him what to fix and he gave hi some 
good feedback.

I this the lowest one (number 4,6 and 1) they didn't use proper words they just used u and gr8.

200 word writing 🍑


Peaches is my dog she is a bit crazy in a lot of ways.
She has a lot of personalities like Crazy mode, really 
tired mode or doofus mode. When she is in one of these modes she 
wants attention because me and my family are usually doing something.

Doofus Mode
Firstly she is very tired and silly sometimes she acts a little bit 
tipsy because she it tierd and can't go to sleep yet she is still 
energetic. And she has a lot of crazy dreams.

Crazy mode
When she is in crazy mode she Goes mentaly crazy and she runs around in 
circles otherwise she rips up a ball and chews it up because she gets tierd from everythings.

Tierd mode 
After she runs around she finally comes inside and she goes to sleep once she gets
 pats she falls on her bed and goes to sleep. Sometimes she has really 
weird dreams, and we think they are about what she is going to do 
when she wakes up.